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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wikipedia page on Nairs defame Nair Community

Wikipedia page on Nairs includes all sort of derogatory opinion on Nair Community in Kerala. It seems that somebody with ulterior motives has edited the Nairs Page of Wikipedia to defame Nair Community. There is a deliberate policy from some part to destablise Nairs. The aim it seems to be  destruction of the community eventually.

According to the Wikipedia Nairs page Nairs are not a single caste but a category of castes. This is seemingly an innocent opinion but is aimed at dividing Nair community. Nairs have different sub divisions like other castes in India and Kerala.

For example Brahmins have different sub sects in Kerala. Ezhavas and scheduled castes in Kerala also have different sub divisions. In earlier times, when a caste grew there was a trend among sub sects to claim superiority and eventually develop as another caste in extreme cases. Reformers  of different castes have dismissed sub sects and united their castes in 19 th century and early 20th century in Kerala. Sub castes are true to Nairs also but like any other caste in Kerala.  It is not like different castes uniting to form one caste. The fact is a caste when it grows numerically gets divided into sub castes.

Their internal behavior is markedly different in Northern and Southern Kerala, according to Wikipedia. This is an absolutely foolish opinion. Nairs both in South and North have similar customs in all their major social and personal lives. Of course this is in tune with customs and of Hindu community of which Nairs are a part. 

Another misinterpretation of fact is Nair women especially from Central Kerala bearing legitimate children with several husbands.

Latest findings appearing in Nairs page in Wikipedia a nair hater has quoted one S.N. Sadasivan to emphasis e his opinion that the word Nair did not originate from the Sanskrit word Nayaka which means leader. Who is S.N. Sadasivan to say this? What are his credentials? He is not known to be an expert historian and his expertise is in Public Administration. Incidentally Mr. Sadasivan is an ezhava by caste and follower of Sree Narayana Guru according to Wikipedia. Has Mr. Sadasivan said so? It needs to be checked. Or is this a ploy to create social unrest by pitching Nairs against Ezhavas by selectively quoting Sadasivan?

The most outrageous opinion is quoting a so called Brahmin work Kerala-jatyachara-nirnayam, that  the term nair was bestowed upon three Naga girls by a Brahmin after an image of a dog ('nai') they created was brought to life and became the escort of Ayyappa.

This is absolutely trash and aims at abusing Nairs. Nairs need to protest against this heinous attempt to defame the community.