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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Nairs wish you all a Happy Onam

Nairs wish a Happy Onam to all readers. As time changed dimensions of Onam has also changed. Nature of celebrations have changed. But the spirit of Onam remains same. It is poverty for none; prosperity for all and above all happiness for all.

As we all know the legend of Onam is  associated with the ancient King of Kerala Mahabali who was an Asura. His rule was the Golden Era for all Malayalis. His reign came to an end with the fifth incarnation of Lord Mahavishnu as Vamana (Dwarf). Vamana vanquished Mahabali to the other world as the story tells. But granted him a boon to visit all his subjects once in an year. During the day all Keralites welcome him and celebrate. This is a myth. Many people interpret it in different ways;

During the past family members of all Nair Tharavads used to assemble at their homes and shared products of harvest during Onam season. Onam signified the spirit of charity for us. We used to give bountiful to all those who worked with us. Let us continue this. Charity for all; malice towards none