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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nairs page in Wikipedia altered

The Nairs page in Wikipedia has been altered with many questionable information finding a place in it. The information as available on June 29, 2011 is found to be significantly different from what was there till May 15, 2011.

The information on Nairs now on Wikipedia is totally one sided and is based on views of some western writers mainly. This along with new links to the page at the bottom are definitely not positive views on Nair community. It gives rise to the doubt that some powers have altered the page to defame nairs. Many groups opposed to Nairs are angry at the popularity of the page and envious of the eminence of Nair community. Nairs need to protest against this.

Links like those linking nairs to Bunts have been removed from the Nairs page. Some of the information like Nairs fought along with Portuguese are factually wrong. Nairs as a community fought against Portuguese aggression on Western Coast of India


  1. The wikipedia Nair article has gone more than 90% derogatory to Nair clan. The contents in the articles are framed in such a manner that it would deem like the writer is interpreting neutrally. But it is not neutral actually, it is called sublimal messages in psychology. A user named 'Sitush' is carrying major part in this activity. This user has some extra privileges than a normal user. Following is an example - Some positive contributors stated with reference that Nairs traditionally from ancient ages having expertise in war and war related all matters - and this above mentioned user(Sitush) is ascertaining that women will certainly not specializing in war and fighting, so it is less than 50% as women are 50% of the population and therefore Nairs can not be called as a Martial clan - WHAT TO SAY, WHAT TO COMMENT ON THIS KIND OF CHEAPNESS.

    1. In wikipedia there has been some wrong references which I had pointed out- one of which has been removed.I tried editing the article but in vain.The whole article is on the negative with the sole intention of humiliating the community.

  2. Thanks for the comment. We need to protest to Wikipedia to remove the page. Kindly inform your friends and let us work for this