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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Classification of castes and its impact on Nairs

Ploy behind the concept of forward and backward castes

The idea of classifying different groups in Hindu community as forward and backward castes is a clever ploy initiated by different political parties and state and union governments in India to destroy the social system which was exising at a period and enable political parties to create their spheres of influence. Nairs are one of the groups which suffered most from this.

Caste system in the sense that it was perceived in 1950s had a very limited history compared to history of Hinduism which is thousands of years old. Many have misinterpreted caste as Varna whereas the truth is they have very little in common.

The whole idea of reservation is based on the wrong notion that certain castes below a line are upper castes and certain castes below the line are lower castes.  According to this wrong notion all those named upper castes had enjoyed all types of privileges from time immemorial and all lower castes were subjected to severe oppression by upper castes.

In actuality in the caste system which came into existence in the country around A. D. 1500, the notion of upper and lower castes is relative. That is one caste which can be considered as upper caste when compared to a particular caste could be considered a lower caste by another group. One caste which is considered upper caste in one particular locality is considered lower in another locality.

Now how could such an irrational system form the base of so called scientific levelling process known as reservation. While reservations were initially meant for a period of around a decade, various governments which ruled the country have extended their limit several times for the sake of vote bank and it is likely to continue for another century.

In the context of Kerala Nairs who are warriors and later farmers by profession had to bear the brunt of all those gimmicks. It is to be noted that Brahmins consider Nairs to be Shudras (lower caste).

Though the leaders of India's independent movement might have mooted the idea of reservation with a genuine concern for the then socially backward groups later it became a political weapon in the hands of political parties.

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