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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Protest against the use of abusive word Savarna to denote Nairs

The word Savarna Hindu is being widely used by vested interest groups to mention Nairs and other so called forward caste communities overtly and abuse them covertly. In the context of Kerala sections of fake intellectuals, especially those who are part of Muslim groups with extreme views, use the word Savarna Hindu when they want to abuse Nairs in their articles on the social problems in Kerala.
Many people, especially Nairs don’t bother to think what is the meaning of the word Savarna. Several consider it as a honorific title. Using the word Savarna to denote certain communities like Nairs and using another word Avarna to denote certain other communities is part of a larger game plan to divide Hindu society into two warring groups and then gain supremacy over them.
In the general context the word Savarna means those who are included in the Varnashramadharma ie those inside the four fold Varna division of Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra. It is now being widely used by abusers in the sense that those who are fair coloured. Abusing people by the colour of their skin is definitely a type of racial abuse.
By pointing out that Nairs are fair coloured and they look different from people belonging to other backward communities seeds of hatred are being laid in the minds of people. Nairs never oppose this as many think that being called Savarna is an honor. This is a wrong approach. Calling Nairs Savarna tantamount to abusing them as calling people by their colour is an abuse.
If Savarna means those who are fair coloured, the a large section of Syrian Christians and majority of Muslims in Kerala are also Savarnas. Why nobody calls them Savarna Christian or Savarna Muslim. None dares to call them. But Nairs are called Savarna Hindus and they don’t bother to oppose it.

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