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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wikipedia Page on Famous Nairs Being Vandalised

Who is afraid of Famous Nairs? Those who read this might think why should anybody be afraid of #FamousNairs. Yes I also thought like that till I saw Wikipedia page on FamousNairs. The page on #Famous Nairs is being edited every day to remove many names from the list.

Now it is obvious that there are people who are afraid of #FamousNairs; or perhaps envious that so many famous personalities were born in Nair community. Now who is editing #Wikipedia too frequently to remove names of #FamousNairs. I don’t know. It would be difficult for you also to find culprits. But we can do one thing. We can e-mail to #Wikipedia authorities to pinpoint those who vandalize Nairs page on #Wikipedia.
I have done another thing. I have decided to update the article #FamousNairs in this blog including names of Nairs who are famous in fields like Freedom movement of India, politics, administration, literature, business and economy, and many more. I have started updating the list.

Nairs are often not considered to be good business men though the community has produced many famous bureaucrats and politicians. But when I began searching for #FamousNairs among business people, I was amazed. There are many top business men in Nair community. If you take a list of ministers and bureaucrats it would amaze you. You will find endless number of names.

Take film field; you find hundreds of actors, directors, singers and others who contribute to film industry. #Take the names of Jananpith award winners from Kerala. Nairs are in majority. When we include this in the list #FamousNairs it is natural for intolerant people to feel jealous. How should we defeat their designs. We should produce more #FamousNairs in every field of life. These jealous people can delete names from the list of #FamousNairs in #Wikipedia. But that does not reduce the number of #FamousNairs. The ever increasing list of #FamousNairs should inspire our community’s youngsters to become big in their field.

This is a competitive world. Nairs don’t have reservation in jobs. But this should make us more competitive; we should be become the crème de la crème.
Here is an appeal to #FamousNairs in different fields. After becoming famous you should not forget your brethren. You should do something for our youth. Lend them a helping hand so that the list of #FamousNairs increase.

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