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Sunday, February 24, 2013

No Party Can Rule Kerala Without the Support of Nair Service Society: Kodikkunnil

Union minister of state for labour Kodikkunnil Suresh has opined that no political front can rule Kerala without the help of Nair Service Society. Media reports say that Kodikkunnil categorically said at Kollam that no government can rule Kerala without taking into account the opinion of Nair Service Society

Kodikkunnil Suresh is a Lok Sabha member from Mavelikkara where Nairs constitute more than 25 per cent of voters. He is the latest Congress leader to come out with support to Nair Service Society in its fight with Congress Kerala leadership over the alleged failure of Congress to implement an understanding it had with Congress.. If Congress had an understanding with NSS it should be implemented, said Suresh, according to a Malayala Manorama report.

Suresh’s opinion which comes after the decision of CPM to woo constituents of Congress lead United Democratic Front is viewed by political pundits in Kerala as a sign of fear in Congress of a possible reversal of fortunes of the party in the coming Lok Sabha elections. Congress leaders seem to have realized that a Nair back lash following hostility with NSS combined with the  event of some coalition partner leaves UDF and Nair Service Society will result in total rout  of Congress in Kerala.

While Kerala Chief Minister Ommen Chandy, Congress spokesman and PC  Chacko have  denied any understanding with NSS, leaders like P.J Kurien and Vayalar Ravi have said that there was an exchange of ideas between NSS and Congress leadership and there seems to have  been an understanding.
Kodikunnil  said even the  first  prime minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru had discussed issues with NSS and took into consideration  its  opinion. None can come to power antagonizing NSS, he added.

Congress  leaders  in Kerala are likely to come out with support to NSS in the coming  days. Meanwhile if NSS is firm in its opinion not have any understanding with Congress in the  future it is likely to make things tough for the party in the coming days.


  1. This will be a case of playing Ducks & drakes albeit with Our strength. This merry go round approach does not Befit a strong organisation like the NSS. We need to understand & analyse the Spectre of Political canvas from a standpoint of "What we are" "where are we placed" - both these standpoints will lead us to the certain understanding of furthering Hindutva. It is not only the units which strengthen the Total- But Vice versa also is true. This "parasparam" approach will lead to consolidation of forces. Nair leaders in other parties will in time gravitate towards mother "Society"- this is a life time opportunity for keeping the pack together & strong.

  2. Thanks for your comment. There is a great deal of truth and wisdom in your words. We also believe that eventually NSS will have to take a strong stand against forces that harm interests of Nairs. A systematic attack has been taking place to harm interests of Nair community on economic, social and religious fronts. A consolidation of Hindu community is needed to uphold the cultural and social identity of Nairs. In this context, Hindutva forces can take initiative in opening new lines of communication with NSS. Read my previous post on social changes in Kerala