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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Meeting of Nairs of North America

A meeting of Nairs living in North America is being organised by Nair Service Society of North America from August 8 to 10 at Hilton Hotel, 5000 Seminary Road, Alexandria VA 22311. Several distinguished leaders of Nair Community from all walks of life will be participating in the meeting, said organisers.

It is extremely pleasing to know that at the meeting NSS of North America is giving equal importance to programs based on cultural and spiritual heritage of Nair community as well as those aimed at the temporal development of community members.

Nairs have a great cultural and spiritual tradition and have contributed immensely to India, Hinduism and the world. However by 1970s the prosperity of community members started fading in Kerala which is their homeland because of the social and political changes in India and the failure of Nairs to realize and assess it and adapt to it.

However of late, young Nairs everywhere seem to be scripting new success stories by their hard work and entrepreneurship. We are back as leaders everywhere. Nair bureaucrats, politicians, businessmen and social workers are setting new examples. North America, especially the United States is undoubtedly the most developed part of the world in many senses. Nairs working and living there will have a lot to give to their brethren in the rest of the world. Hope this meet will be able to inspire Nair youth and push them to action. wishes  the meeting an unparalleled success.

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