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Thursday, May 30, 2013

NSS formally ends its relations with Congress

In a development of far reaching implications in Kerala politics, Nair Service Society (NSS),  organization of Nair community which is one of the prominent Hindu castes in Kerala today said it is formally severing its links with Congress.

NSS leadership had distanced itself from the Congress during the last few months. After G Sukumaran Nair became NSS general secretary NSS has clarified that it is no more an ally of Congress. But formal announcement came out after May 30 th leadership meet at Perunna. NSS used to support Congress traditionally and its founder Mannath Padmanabhan had lead the Liberation agitation against first Communist government in Kerala in 1958. Liberation agitation or Vimochana Samaram had cleared way for ascent of Congress government later.

Announcing new policy of NSS after May 30th leadership meet, general secretary G Sukumaran Nair said the organization would not have any relation with Congress hereafter and it does not want to have any discussion with state or central leadership of Congress to sort out its difference of opinion with Congress. “There is a popular notion that NSS has a pro-Congress stand but hereafter it will not have any relation to Congress,” said Nair. He said NSS does not believe in seeing Congress central leadership again for discussing its grievances.

He added that the stand of NSS in future would be issue based. NSS will support those who have favourably considers interests of Hindus in general, especially Nairs. Sukumaran Nair said NSS will take a decision on its support before next Lok Sabha elections considering policies of different political parties. He said the organization does not have any opposition to any particular political party including CPI (M).

Nair clarified that the new policy of NSS has been taken in the wake of failure of Congress Kerala leadership to honour an agreement reached between NSS and Congress high command that members of majority Hindus will be given positions of power in Kerala cabinet. In the present Kerala cabinet, key ministries in state cabinet and almost 70 per cent of government positions are being occupied by representatives of minority communities, he said.

According to Sukumaran Nair, the unity between NSS and SNDP, organization of Ezhava  community in the state is strong and will continue. Nair said these organizations have not taken a decision on common political stand. But there is possibility for such a common stand, he added. Nairs and Ezhavas together constitute 80 per cent of Hindu population in Kerala.

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