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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Muslim organizations step up attack on NSS, Nair-Ezhava unity

Muslim organizations in Kerala have lashed out at NSS and Nair-Ezhava  unity in Kerala. The latest round of criticisms is sharp and pin points NSS General secretary G Sukumaran Nair.

Popular Front of India was the first to air vehement attack on NSS. At their recent meeting organized at Thiruvananthapuram, Popular Front leaders said Nair-Ezhava Unity is the result of a conspiracy. Their leaders also complained that present Muslim League leadership in Kerala is too weak in their response to statements of Sukumaran Nair  and Vellappally Natesan criticizing minorities. They noted that a new generation who can take on such criticisms is growing up and leadership of Muslim community would be with them in the coming decade. According to them, Muslim League will slowly disintegrate in the coming days.

Later, Popular Front former chairman E M Abdul Rahman at Doha said the slogan of ‘Unity of Majority Community Against Minorities’ being raised by united Nair-Ezhava leadership is shameful to Kerala. According to him Nair-Ezhava unity is an idea for protecting personal agendas of Sukumaran Nair and Vellappally being implemented with the blessings of Sangh Parivar leadership. Rahman made a scathing attack on Vellappally for inviting Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi to Sivagiri Madhom, the highest centre of Ezhava community.

Article in Chandrika Daily

Popular Front attack was followed by Indian Union Muslim League on June 2 when its official newspaper Chandrika daily published an edit page article which included volatile and defamatory statements against Nair community and NSS general secretary Sukumaran Nair. I am not reproducing the cultureless remarks in this article here as it will incite communal discord.

This article sees conspiracy not only in Nair-Ezhava unity but also Sukumaran Nair becoming NSS general secretary. It also sees a hand of Sangh Parivar organizations, especially RSS behind Nair-Ezhava unity. The article wish that a inert personality could be NSS leader. It criticizes Nairs as a community with false pride who consider themselves as high caste. It criticizes Sukumaran Nair as a person who began his official career as an peon who later rose in life.

NSS reaction

NSS in its reaction said article in Chandrika shows lack of culture. NSS won’t ever forgive such acts. NSS will react to this intelligently and with level-headedness. He said Kerala chief minister is behind this article. Congress is doing this using Muslim League. Some people are irked by Nair-Ezhava unity and those who think they can break Nair-Ezhava unity is in fool’s paradise, added Nair.

Planning behind attack on Hindu unity move

While Muslim league leadership later disowned Chandrika’s article, this is only an effort to fool others. How could anyone write an article in Muslim League’s official daily without consent of its leadership? It seems such statements is a part of plan to slap somebody first and then say sorry.

Now let us analyse the reasons for the outrage of Muslim organizations against Nair-Ezhava unity and Sukumaran Nair. The continual of Nair-Ezhava unity is irking Muslim League leadership in the state and for the first time they are seeing a real threat. Initially they thought difference of opinion between Ezhavas  and Nairs on job reservation will naturally kill Nair-Ezhava unity. Now since Nairs who are against caste based reservation have declared that they have no opposition to Hindu backward communities getting reservation that hope has ended.

Now there is no other factor which can prevent Hindu unity in Kerala. Till the other day League used to spread the idea that Nairs are against backward communities and united Hindu community is an idea being floated by upper castes for their own benefit. Nair-Ezhava unity and broad Hindu unity in Kerala means league’s prominence in Kerala politics and its pressure tactics won’t succeed.

The extremist Popular Front has also realized the danger in Nair-Ezhava unity. In such a situation their attacks on Hindus would be resisted. They could no longer terrorize Hindus in Kerala and their ideas on converting Hindus will not succeed.

Popular Front’s attack on Nair-Ezhava unity and Muslim League’s attack on NSS  leadership seem to be a warning to Hindu leaders in Kerala. Such vehement attacks are being done after many deliberations and there is a plan. It is likely that they will organize more direct actions in the coming days aimed at polarizing  Kerala.

Moreover there will be efforts to destroy Nair-Ezhava unity through many fronts. Nair-Ezhava leadership needs to act firmly and intelligently but not emotionally. They need to stay united despite all provocations. Coming Lok Sabha Elections are an opportunity to show their strength in a democratic way.


  1. Muslim leagues communal agenda with the support of congress will ruin the communal harmony..Nairs were the ruling elite of more than 1000 years and they were the rulers landlords etc..after the land reform acts and the social changes happened in the last 100 years they lost much of their power but still in politics ,art cultural and every were their dominance is continuing even though diminishing significantly....Gulf money and educational institutes run by church and religious group help minorities to achieve a lot but they should not forget that the contribution of Majority community and especially Nairs to the Malayalam culture and society....

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  3. every caste has an identity like wise nairs.we haveall rights to keep that without doing any harm to others.The need of the hour is unity and maintain our identity with out getting provoked

  4. Rightly said. Nairs have constitutional right to live maintain their culture in a peaceful manner. We need to fight for our rights through democratic and legal institutions. We need to be an organised force and cast our votes to those who help us protect our rights