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Friday, June 21, 2013

NSS budget meet decides to continue case against Chandrika

Nair Service Society will go forward with legal action against Muslim League’s mouth piece Chandrika daily for publishing an article against Nair Community and NSS leaders, reports Kerala media.

The decision of Nair Service Society was announced in a resolution moved at the budget meeting of NSS being held at the headquarters of the organization at Changanassery on June 21, 2013 reports media. NSS opined that the explanation given by Chandrika daily on publishing the article is not satisfactory. The resolution pointed out that the article was racial abuse indeed. It pointed out that that Nairs won’t forgive those who defamed the community.

The Chandrika article had contained defamatory statements against Nair community. It had personally attacked NSS general secretary Sukumaran Nair also. Sukumaran Nair said the Chandrika article was an effort to silence NSS general secretary. Nair Service Society is demanding a compensation of Rs one crore and a public apology from Chandrika for the defamatory article against Nairs.

In his budget speech Sukumaran Nair reiterated his criticism against chief minister Oommen Chandy and said some of the acts of chief minister had resulted in creating communalism in the state. The government has turned a blind eye towards the demands of Hindus in Kerala while demands of minorities are liberally considered, said the resolution. When Nair Service Society pointed out this there was an effort to term NSS as communal. Reiterating his earlier positions on an agreement with Congress before last assembly elections in Kerala, Nair said Congress lead by Oommen Chandy and Ramesh Chennithala had belittled NSS by unilaterally denying the terms of the agreement.

It was the hostility of Oommen Chandy to providing a key post to a leader from majority community (Hindus) in Kerala that sowed the seeds of current discontent in Congress, Kerala noted Nair Service Society resolution.

On the current controversy involving a lady Saritha S Nair who cheated scores of people in Kerala with the help of influential persons in current UDF ministry, Sukumaran Nair said strong action should be taken against criminals irrespective of caste. NSS won’t support any criminal just because he/she is a Nair, said Sukumaran Nair

Meanwhile Travancore Devaswom Board President M P Govindan Nair has resigned from the director board of NSS, reports media. He resigned following decision of NSS that those Nair Service Society leaders who occupy positions of power should either quit from NSS leadership, or resign their official positions given by present Congress lead UDF government.

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