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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

NSS-SNDP unity intact, clarifies Vellappally and Sukumaran Nair

NSS-SNDP unity, is intact and reports suggesting fissures in unity are wrong, SNDP general secretary Vellappally Natesan and NSS general secretary G Sukumaran Nair have clarified.
Their clarification came amidst rumours by a section of media that fissures in NSS-SNDP unity have started becoming evident. There is no difference of opinion between NSS and SNDP and both the organisations are taking decisions after discussions with each other, said Vellappally Natesan. There is not even a scar on unity of Hindus in Kerala, said Vellappally.

Vellappally said a section of media are concocting news with some motive. Natesan clarified that NSS and SNDP may have different opinion on certain issues. But that should not be interpreted as breaking of unity. He said certain television channels in Malayalam spread such news just because some leaders were unable to take part in channel discussions. Nair-Ezhava unity remains strong, he said.

NSS general secretary Sukumaran Nair said reports of NSS and SNDP parting ways being spread by a section of media are wrong. NSS-SNDP unity is well maintained, said Nair.

Rumors about fissures in Nair-Ezhava unity

Recently, a section of media had started airing doubts that Nair-Ezhava unity has broken. This was after a visit of Kerala industries minister and Muslim League leader Kunhalikkutty’s visit to Vellappally’s home. After the visit Kerala government had sanctioned around 10 educational institutions for SNDP. This happened a day before Chandrika daily published a defamatory article against Nair community and NSS.

Some of the channels had pointed out that Vellappally was silent about the article. But later Vellappally issued a statement denouncing the article. It is now clear that all reports that Nair-Ezhava unity has broken are false.

It seems certain sections in Kerala are itching to break the unity. Spreading rumours that NSS-SNDP unity has broken will create doubts in the minds of many and certain silences and difference of opinion between these two organisations will be interpreted as end of unity. All these points to one factor. Many groups in Kerala have realised that NSS-SNDP unity has effectively checkmated their evil designs. Nair-Ezhava unity has strengthened hopes of deprived section of people for social justice. It seems that slowly Nair-Ezhava unity has been accepted by all sections of Hindus in Kerala and none could break it. Even if NSS or SNDP leaders try to break, it seems, they will fail

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