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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Help! Nairs Are In Crisis? A reminder to all Nair baitors

Ever since Nair Service Society, a sleeping lion woke up and roared for rights of Hindus frightened vested interest groups have started barking at Nair community, NSS and its general secretary G Sukumaran Nair. Hollow sounds made by these groups can be heard on internet at different websites, media and public forums. Some of them defile Nair page on Wikipedia, some write on websites. The wailings of these corrupt men are marked by baseness and envy against Nairs who have a rich history, unparalleled achievements and impeccable credentials.
Recently one such anti-Nair post by a modern Sancho Panza appeared in one website reportedly owned by a guy who once served a Nair and was later kicked out for being incompetent. The self proclaimed author-media mogul and Crusader combine in their article imagine that Nairs never had this bad. In unintelligible language the Crusader aim barbs at Ramesh Chennithala, Ganesh Kumar and R Balakrishna Pillai conveniently forgetting allegations against other politicians like Oommen Chandy, P C George, P K Kunhalikkutty, P J Kurien and P J Joseph and Jose Thettayil, to name a few. (But we don’t want to write Christians never had this bad or Muslims never had this bad. After all, why blame a whole community for the misdeeds of some individuals)
Envious of the glorious heritage of Nairs, these vagabonds who have searched from West Asia to Europe for their fatherland are now misquoting William Logan and repeating “Happy are the people who have no history.” Having realized their truth, they are now trying their best to attack Nairs. No wonder they resorted to the time tested method of all mediocrities to gain fame by attacking the Famous. Quoting imaginary Brahmins who never accepted claims of Nairs, they conveniently forget that Brahmins called them Mlecchas. Aiming to prove a point they quote a few namesake European historians to understand Nairs. In their awe and admiration of the White Skin and in their eagerness to find a heritage, these people quote the White who termed Nairs as Stern Warriors thereby accepting the fact that Nairs had been warriors.
These irritant groups while trying to establish that Superiority of Nairs is a myth contradicts themselves saying that Nairs assumed centre stage in the early modern history period. Even these people cannot but accept the fact that Nairs were in the forefront of politics, arts, culture, literature.. .what not? And searching for the reasons for the decline of Nair supremacy these ‘researches’ have found the truth that it was during the period of ascendency that Nairs lost touch with the fact that they were meant to uphold Dharma.
Another ploy of present day Nair baiters is praising Nair Service Society founder Mannath Padmanabhan and crying that after his death Nair Community has become orphans. (One fail to understand their sympathy for Nairs) According to them period after 70s saw Gulf boom in Kerala and presently Nairs are very frustrated at the rise of others. In their eagerness to prove a point without any evidence or logic they cry hoarse that Nairs are economically deprived and experiencing terrible vacuum. According to them Nairs are frustrated at the rise of their neighbours who went to Gulf and brought back a fortune.
These people have really failed to read latest 2012 surveys of agencies like CDS which pointed out that deposits from Hindu community in Gulf, especially Nairs have recorded a significant rise in the last decade. They fail to note that Nair community among different Kerala groups has recorded the highest migration rate to other states and are successful. From TKA Nair to Shivsankar Menon, Nairs still maintain their dignified presence in the power corridors of Delhi. From former DMRC chairman E Sreedharan to present ISRO chairman Radhakrishnan, presence of Nairs at the top echelons is still strong. Now go to Gulf, among industrialists also presence of Nairs is still formidable ranging from Ravi Pillai, PNC Menon, CK Menon to Sundar Menon. Nair industrialists like CP Krishnan Nair, Ravindran Nair of Malaysia and Shivsankaran Nair of British Borneo Petroleum are some of the top names in their industries. Look at Malayalam film industry or literature here also presence of Nairs is still prominent. (Please refer to our list of famous Nairs) Lastly among politicians and ministers, Nairs continue to weild power ranging from Ramesh Chennithala, to ministers Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan, K C Venugopal to Shashi Tharoor. Crusaders fail to recognize many Nairs as not all sport titles. Perhaps that is the reason why these outsiders fail to feel Nair presence.
Nair baitors in their article gives a magnanimous advise to Nairs to stop using their titles. Here also he quotes Mannath Padmanabhan pointing out that Mannam stopped using his caste title Nair. It seems this ignoramus failed to understand that Mannam stopped using his title during his maiden effort for Hindu unity which has now become a reality. Let us remind Nairs that we have every reason to be proud of our community which made significant contributions to Kerala, India and the world. We need to take inspiration from our Nair heritage and work hard to preserve and better it.

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