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Friday, July 10, 2015

Rebellion in NSS against Sukumaran Nair's leadership

NSS general secretary G Sukumaran Nair seems to be in a predicament after his outburst against noted film actor Suresh Gopi. Several Karayogams which are the basic units of NSS have passed resolutions against him. Many have demanded that he step down immediately for his continuous immature behavior.

In a development which is humiliating for Mr. Nair, the Karayogam of NSS President P N Narendranathan Nair is (his home unit) reported to have passed a resolution attacking Sukumaran Nair. Even the women’s wing of NSS has passed resolutions demanding his stepping down.

While dissent against Sukumaran Nair is in the open, none is coming out to openly support him. The voice of his supporters is feeble. While they try to defend Mr. Nair, they are keen not to antagonize his detractors too. Many observe that Sukumaran Nair’s advisors are misleading him. Some others say he has already lost ability to take independent decisions and so is depending on a coterie.

While as per the complex structure of NSS, it is almost impossible to oust general secretaries, it is also impossible to oust office bearers of those Karayogams which have passed resolutions against General Secretary. It means in reality, while Sukumaran Nair will continue to hold office open dissent against him in NSS will also increase.

A general secretary without any influence in grass root units will soon become a lion without nails and teeth. He may still frighten a few with his roars but people will lose respect of him soon. That also means once political party leaders and leaders of Church (Nair has more admirers in the Churches than in NSS) will soon realize that he is powerless and will shun his company. Eventually Mr. Nair may cut a sorry figure.

Moreover a complex political and social situation arising in Kerala with BJP also becoming a strong force Mr Nair’s Correct Distance Within Equal Distance policy(Sama Doorthinullile Shari Dooram) (Read as supporting a handful of Congress and Kerala Congress leaders  who are loyal to him personally while fighting other Congress leaders and all other parties) will not be relevant anymore. So it is tough time ahead for Mr Sukumaran Nair. It seems he is in a complex situation.

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