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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Saving Nairs and NSS from the Secular Trap, reminding G Sukumaran Nair of the dangers ahead

Like his predecessor P K Narayana Panicker, Nair Service Society General Secretary G Sukumaran Nair also seems to have fallen into the trap carefully camouflaged as secular and set with love at the NSS headquarters in Perunna in Kerala by Imperialist minority leaders in Kerala. These leaders are a part of Global groups with their network and interests spreading over continents and possessing billions of Dollars and Riyals and along with fire power.

Sukumaran Nair began with a bang when he took charge by mounting a direct attack on Congress leaders who use NSS for promoting their personal interests and exposing the strategy of minority groups who used to hoodwink NSS by praising NSS general secretaries personally to ensure that NSS doesn’t oppose when government grants all benefits for minorities.

But by blindly supporting the same group of corrupt and communal political and minority leaders in return for nothing Nair’s rebellion against Minority domination in Kerala has ended as a storm in a teacup. Now NSS general secretary is trying to prove his secular credentials by unleashing attack on BJP and Hindu organisations which has pleased fundamentalist and communal groups. Further as per newspaper reports during by elections to Aruvikkara assembly constituency in Kerala Mr Nair has commented that none should try to portray that NSS is supporting BJP.

A Question to Nairs

Based on Sukumaran Nair’s observations on BJP, Nair community needs to ask themselves “Is it such a bad thing for Nairs to align with BJP, RSS and other Hindutva groups?” Let us check if Hindu groups have done any harm to Nairs in the past and do Nairs need to join the current Hindu upsurge in Kerala which is now being powered by SNDP Yogam, Kerala Pulayar Mahasabha etc?

Let us check the attack against Nairs in the past and find who were behind it.

First Attack against Hindu social structure in Malabar

The first attack against Hindu social structure in Kerala was the organized attacks against Hindus in Malabar (North Kerala) which began mainly with the attack on North Kerala by Hyder Ali and his notorious son Tipu Sultan. Namboothirirs and Nairs had to bear the brunt of the ire of attacks on Hindu social structure in Malabar which was spearheaded by Tipu Sultan and aimed at replacing the social structure of Kerala with an Islamic system. This was aided by local Muslim elite as per historic records. It was this organized effort that later lead to isolated attacks against Hindu landlords in the latter half of 19 th century, which ended as the notorious Pogrom Moplah Rebellion on 1921. The public knows only the Pogrom of 1921 which is now known as Moplah Rebellion and not the series of smaller attacks that preceded it.

The attacks of 1921 were ruthless in execution and massive in its impact. It altered the demography of Northern Kerala. Nairs had to flee several northern Kerala districts. It also altered the social structure of Northern Kerala permanently. Many Nair families were turned internal migrants. Thousands were killed; women were raped, many were converted to alien cultures,

The aftermath of Malabar Pogrom is the most shocking. The attackers are now called freedom fighters. Decedents of victims don’t have the right to even protest. The victims are now further humiliated by terming them as feudalists who harassed the poor and in turn got killed in an uprising. Intelligent Nairs need to remind themselves that though the really poor groups in Kerala were scheduled castes and tribes and they never devised a rebellion. They never took part in Moplah Rebellion. So Moplah Rebellion was not an uprising of the poor. It was an organized pogrom by minority groups to alter the social structure of Kerala.

Glorifying violence through pseudo-secular narratives

The Communists and self proclaimed progressive groups in Kerala whitewashed Moplah Rebellion of 1921 as an agrarian revolt thinking that if the then social structure was altered Communists could use the opportunity to establish their install their own structure and gain hegemony among Hindus and Minorities. However they could only conquer the loyalty of Hindus by threatening them. Minorities strengthened Muslim League and forced Communists to accept them as Secular party.

The strengthening of Muslim League in Malabar altered the social setup there. Simultaneously there was another development; Migration of Christians from Kottayam, Idukki etc to Malabar who established their fiefdoms in Kannur and Kasaragod. This Colonisation also had social and political connotations and was done with the active support of the Church. However Communists and Progressive narrated this as golden episode in Human Hard Work. Here also they thought the migrants will join Communists. However they formed their own Kerala Congress and some supported Congress. But their colonization was given respectability by the narrative of Communists and other pseudo-progressive groups. Final result is Nairs lost out completely in Malabar and in the modern pseudo-secular narratives, communal riots in Malabar became agrarian revolts and encroachments of forests and exploitation of tribal groups became experiments in ‘civilizing illiterates.’

Cobbling Minority-Backward-Dalit Grand alliance

Attempts of imperialist minority groups to divide Hindus and gain supremacy in Kerala reached new dimensions after independence in the form of organizing Minority-Backward alliance. It gained momentum in Kerala in 1970s and 80s when SNDP Yogam was influenced completely by Muslim social organisations for Muslim-Backward-Dalit alliance. By placing SNDP on the forefront, these groups for the first time unleashed attacks on Hindu social set ups in South, Central and North Kerala. Meetings organized by them throughout Kerala spewed communal venom against upper castes. Upper castes were portrayed as villains and Kerala’s history was misinterpreted to suit their aims. Pseudo-Secular groups supported those imperialist minority leaders.

Isolation of NSS

NSS was isolated during the period.  Every group except Nairs got reservations. Thousands of crores of rupees were granted to those groups. In Politics, Muslim League became an indomitable group. Minority groups gained whatever they needed in by putting Hindu backward groups in the front and dumping them after use. But this did not last long.

As SNDP Yogam general secretary Vellappally Natesan realized the machinations of minority groups he broke away from the coalition. Dalit groups also realized the danger and distanced themselves from minority groups. The Grand alliance has irreparably broken now. Minority groups are now afraid to approach them for exploitation.

The growth of RSS and BJP has now changed the situation in Kerala. None dares to escape by criticizing the culture of majority community in Kerala. Efforts to ensure real social equilibrium in Kerala have gained momentum.

Now the only hope for vested interest groups is Nair Service Society. They have succeeded in breaking repeated attempts in Kerala to form Hindu unity by influencing NSS. They are misguiding NSS leadership. Does NSS needs to support them. Are they the real supporters of what NSS stands for? Sukumaran Nair does not have many chances. Nair needs to escape from the Secular Trap. If he fails to realize realities and real enemies he will be dumped into the garbage of history by the community. Nairs don’t want to gain hegemony but we won’t allow anyone to gain Suzerainty over us. Remember that we are a group that defeated Tipu at Aluva and stopped his advances to Travancore. We want to live in dignity along with all other groups in a pluralistic society where there is no discrimination against anyone on the basis of caste, religion or colour. For that let us join other Hindus in the current resurgence.



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  1. if there was no christian Migration to north Malabar, today north Malabar would already been fully under sharia laws. many just overlook a close picture and only see the reflection. More over these Malabar Christians are none other than 85 % Nairs who started following syrian rituals borrowed from the knanaya syrian church from late 1750s AD in a belief to overcome Portuguese desire to latinise (Roman Catholicism) the Malankara church a century after the coonan cross oath of 1653 AD following a backdrop of Nampoothiri Christians who were at loggerheads with then royalty. However the Portuguese divided the knanaya Syrian church here in 1770 AD and introduced the syro-malabar rite under the Roman catholic