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Friday, April 5, 2013

Hindu Unity in Kerala not far off: Hindu Aikya Vedi meet

The 10th Kerala state conference of Hindu Aikya Vedi (Hindu Joint Council) which began at Thiruvananthpuram on April 4 noted that vote bank politics practiced by political parties in the state has resulted in a peculiar situation in which organized religions are cornering all benefits from government.

Officials and politicians are afraid to speak for the welfare of Hindu community. Those who speak for Hindus are being branded as fascists and communalists and this discourages many from speaking for the cause of Hindus in public, noted different speakers.

Swami Viviktananda Saraswathi, Kerala state head of Chinmaya Mission noted that like the British who ruled India by the policy of divide and rule, present day politicians are ruling the country dividing Hindu society and making them fight each other. But the day when all castes among Hindus unite is not far off and signs of Hindu unity are evident. This is a welcome sign and a warning to those who thrive by exploiting Hindus, noted Swami.

Swami pointed out that Hindus had been open minded and had accepted noble ideas from all streams of thought. While Hindus tried to enrich their religion through knowledge, others tried to increase the number of followers, he noted. Pointing out the dangers in the current lopsided demographic change in Kerala, Swami said at the current rate it is likely that Hindus might become a minority in Kerala.

He said he was happy to see leaders of different Hindu castes at Hindu Aikya Vedi meet. Leaders of different forward castes, backward communites and scheduled castes and tribes in Kerala were present at the meeting. The meeting will conclude with a rally and public meeting on April 6.

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