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Friday, April 26, 2013

Kerala Hindus totally insecure and have few options, say Sukumaran Nair and Vellappally

Hindus in Kerala are feeling totally insecure and the state government seems to care about minorities only, says NSS general secretary G Sukumaran Nair and SNDP Yogam general secretary Vellappally Natesan.
After The second round of talks between NSS and SNDP held at NSS headquarters Changanassery on April 26, both leaders said the situation is fast deteriorating for Hindus in Kerala and the only option for them is mass exodus. Though a bit exaggerated, the words of Nair-Ezhava leaders are basically true. Hindus seem to be at the receiving in the state.

In Kerala the needs of only minorities are taken care of and government is neglecting even the fair demands of majority Hindus, said Vellappally and Nair. Vellappally said majority community is not getting justice and Nair-Ezhava communities won’t hesitate to take a joint political stand if the situation warrants. Nair said NSS will discard its policy of equi-distance from political parties if situation demands.

Both leaders said Nair-Ezhava unity has the potential to change the political scene in Kerala and politicians should remember this. Answering criticisms of political leaders in the state that Nair-Ezhava unity and the idea of Hindu unity is leading to communal polarization in Kerala, Sukumaran Nair said it was political parties which neglected them forcing them to unite.

Broad Hindu unity

Nair and Vellappally said Nair-Ezhava unity in the state has been cemented and now the stage is set for a broad Hindu unity in the state. Nair-Ezhava unity which was considered difficult earlier has become total now, said both leaders. This proves that Hindu unity is not an Utopian idea, said both. NSS does not have any opposition for continuing reservation to backward communities and Scheduled caste and tribe Hindus, said Nair. He said NSS and SNDP are aware of the moves to destroy unity of Hindus and such moves won’t succeed.

Nair  said Kerala is being ruled by a ministry supported mainly by minorities and added that their effort was to get the same benefits to majority also. Both said they are not against minorities in the state and minorities should not develop any apprehensions about Hindu unity.

Both leaders held a closed door discussion for about an hour before calling a joint press conference. They said they will decide later whether to form a new political party or not.


The latest announcement of NSS and SNDP leaders have significance as it is the first time that they used the word Hindu for majority community. While emphasising Nair-Ezhava unity both leaders used the term majority community earlier.This gives a hint about their future moves. Their announcement of a joint political stand is also significant  as earlier unity moves were always projected as apolitical. It seems that both Nair and Vellappally have realised that unity moves have social acceptance and they can move forward with it.

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  1. I read this article bcoz I saw a ref to it on twitter. I am not a Malayalee. What is obvious to outsiders like me is: how powerful the hold on communism on the common Malayalee mind is. Your writing and thinking is completely defensive, hesitant. I also get the feeling that your reading outside of communist-dominated rhetoric is limited.
    Change that and you can change anything: the unholy trinity of Communism, Xtianity and Eyeslam are pernicious and idiotic ideologies. Clear re-statement of Hindu values will easily change that.