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Saturday, April 20, 2013

NSS ends policy of promoting individual leaders; to discuss with SNDP stand to be taken in coming Lok Sabha election

In a bold declaration, Nair Service Society general secretary G Sukumaran Nair has said that NSS would never again strike deals with political parties to promote individual leaders and hereafter the stand of NSS during elections will be issue based.

In an interview to a Malayalam Channel Nair clarified that NSS is not going to continue the policy of equi-distance to different political parites. NSS would make its stand clear to its members in the coming Lok Sabha elections. He said some NSS leaders had supported individuals in the past. NSS won’t play politics for the growth of individuals again, he said.

The stand of NSS is likely to adversely affect the Congress in Kerala as individual leaders of Congress belonging to Nair community had used NSS as stepping stone. By acceding to demands of such leaders, NSS leadership in the past has forgotten the larger interests of Nair Community.  Perhaps some individual NSS leaders might have gained some benefits but not community. As Sukumaran Nair pointed out those congress leaders who gained positions with the support of NSS disowned the organization after gaining positions. They would be too eager to create an image of being Secular even at the cost of damaging the interests of majority community in Kerala.

NSS-SNDP discussions on Lok Sabha elections

Nair said NSS would hold discussions with SNDP regarding the stand to be taken in the coming Lok Sabha elections. NSS is continuing the effort to bring all Hindu castes in Kerala under an umbrella organization, he said. The first part of the effort is to unite different groups among individual castes. At present some caste groups have different organizations. After uniting them all, caste organizations will be brought under an umbrella. Nair said some leaders of Congress lead United Democratic Front in Kerala were trying to destroy Nair-Ezhava unity but won’t succeed. We are aware of such efforts, he said.

Nair said NSS has not got any favours from Congress in return of support given in elections. Even if we don’t support anyone, no political party can dare to dismiss the rightful demands of Nairs. So why should we beg for favours? In fact NSS does not want any favour from anybody, Nair asserted.

CM, Ramesh responsible for Ganesh’s exit from cabinet
Nair said NSS has disowned KPCC president Ramesh Chennithala and does not want him to come to Changanassery for discussions. He said the KPCC president’s actions reflect his slavish mentality to chief minister Oommen Chandy. Nair said the recent political dramas which resulted in the resignation of Kerala forest minister Ganesh Kumar was directed by chief minister Oommen Chandy himself. NSS had asked KPCC president and Chief Minister to take initiatives to solve the issue in Kerala Congress (B). They should have called Balakrishna Pillai, Chairman of KC (B) and his son Ganesh and helped to sort out the issues in party and family. But it seems they used the opportunity to worsen the situation with the motive of ousting Ganesh from ministry and getting the post for Congress, Nair said. He said Ganesh should be reinstated as minister.

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  1. In Kerala Hindus should have an Advocacy Program where they are taught to protect their rights and place an the advocacy programs run in an orderly manner without being political one way or the other. Political interventions must be planned and should be shown well in advance in polls. Indian democracy is a number game. Play it well. Promote Leaders - no leader has come up without promotion and without overcoming attacks by opponents - direct and hidden. They need protection, else the balance will be lost