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Friday, January 25, 2013

Kerala being ruled by minority religious groups: NSS general secretary Sukumaran Nair

NSS general secretary G Sukumaran Nair today observed that Kerala is now witnessing rule by minority groups. Nair said a leader from majority community belonging to the Congress party should lead the state administration.

Sukumaran Nair’s assertion on minority rule in Kerala points to the continuing complaint among the Hindu community in the state that the ruling Congress lead united democratic front is giving a raw deal to Hindus in the state. SNDP Yogam leader Vellappally Natesan had also expressed similar opinion recently. SNDP and NSS represent more than 80 per cent of Hindus in Kerala.

Speaking to a Malayalam Channel, Nair said the chief minister of state Oommen Chandy, industries minister P.K Kunhalikkutty and finance minister K.M Mani who all belong to minority Christian and Muslim communities are controlling Kerala administration.

This is a strange situation and to ensure social justice a leader from majority community should become the head of state administration, said Nair. While minorities constitute around 45 per cent of population of Kerala, Hindus constitute around 55 per cent of population. Among the minorities, Muslim population in Kerala is calculated to be just over 26 percent of the state’s population and Christians constitute the rest.

Speaking on the controversy of Ramesh Chennithala being denied a post in Kerala cabinet, Sukumaran Nair said the opinion of union minister Vayalar Ravi that A-group in the Congress lead by Oommen Chandy subverted the move could be right.
Recently there had been reports that while Congress reconstituted its district committees leaders from minority communities have been made presidents of majority of 14 district committees.

Kerala’s changing demography which is marked by the increase in Muslim population in the state is slowly changing the power equations in the state according to NSS. While Hindu, Christian and Muslim groups used to coordinate with each other earlier to share power, the increasing population of Muslim community has resulted in their demand for more representation. That means others would lose. This is likely to raise more issues in the coming future.

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