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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mannam jayanthi celebrations 2013 of NSS reiterates Nair-Ezhava unity

Mannam Jayanthi celebrations 2013 progressing at NSS headquarters Changanasseri have become an occasion to reiterate Nair-Ezhava Unity. Nair Service Society general secretary G Sukumaran Nair who inaugurated all Kerala Nair delegates’ meet on the new year day of 2013 said Nair-Ezhava unity would be preserved at all costs.

It seems finally NSS-SNDP unity is showing signs of lasting long. Previous unity moves had been abandoned following reasons ranging from ego of leaders to manipulations by leaders of minority communities and political parties in Kerala. Sukumaran Nair said Nair-Ezhava unity would eventually grow to include all sections of Hindus in Kerala.
Sukumaran Nair said politicians are trying to divide castes in Kerala. He said Nairs should realize this.

It is really welcome that NSS leadership has realized the threats being faced by Hindus in Kerala. Though Hindus are still majority in Kerala, the ruling coalition United Democratic Front lead by Congress has a majority MLAs from minority communities in Kerala. Similarly, recently the Congress unit in Kerala reconstituted office bearers and a majority of DCC presidents now belong to minority communities. Congress had earlier tried to ensure social equilibrium while reconstituting committees. But this time it seems Hindus got a raw deal while district committee of Congress was reconstituted. Congress leadership should realize that there is a real threat of party losing its hold among Hindus, especially Nairs.

Nairs along with Christians used to be the major vote bank of Congress in Kerala. At this rate Nairs may join BJP and some may vote for CPI (M), if Congress fails to correct imbalance. 

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