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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Kerala’s communal harmony lost its warmth: AK Antony at Mannam Jayanthi

Inauguration of Mannam Jayanthi celebrations 2013 of Nair Service Society became an occasion to analyze social conditions in Kerala famed for social justice and communal harmony. Indian Defence Minister A.K Antony who inaugurated the celebrations at Nair Service Society headquarters on Jan 2, 2013 said some soul stirring truths.

Antony said those who occupy top positions should ensure that social justice and communal balance should be maintained. Antony added that this was essential to maintain communal harmony in Kerala. The audience including a large number of Nairs and other community members welcomed Antony’s words with thunderous claps.

Antony’s words assume significance in the context of opinions expressed by Nair Service Society and SNDP earlier that some of the decisions of Kerala government had adversely affected social justice and communal balance in Kerala. Nair Service Society general secretary Sukumaran Nair had earlier pointed out that appointing a fifth minister from Muslim League will have negative impact on social and communal balance in Kerala. But UDF leaders succumbed to Muslim League’s pressure.

At the Nair meet, Antony also pointed out that that Kerala’s communal harmony has lost its warmth and conflicts between different communities in Kerala have increased. He pointed out that communal harmony in Kerala will be ensured only when social justice and communal balance is maintained.

Of late Nair and other Hindu community leaders have been complaining that minority communities in Kerala are cornering a major chunk of benefits of welfare steps being taken by Kerala and union governments. Nair and Ezhava leaders have often pointed out that majority Hindus are now being treated as second class citizen in Kerala. Current Nair-Ezhava unity in Kerala is the result of this feeling that Nairs, Ezhavas and other Hindus in Kerala are being neglected.

A.K Antony’s brave words on communal situation in Kerala are likely to result in hot debate on Kerala’s politics and social conditions. Antony had always tried to tell the truth unlike some other leaders who tried to suppress the truth to protect their personal interests. Antony had earlier been forced to resign as chief minister following his speech at a Namboothiri Yoga Kshema Sabha meet on the plight of majority community in Kerala.

At Mannam jayanthi Antony warned that Kerala will become a mental home if the current situation in the state continued. Anonty’s words should be an eye opener to those who rule Kerala.


  1. Usage of archaic words like lunatic asylum in whatever context is offensive. Was Shri A K Antony referring to - the Mental Hospital in Thiruvananthapuram which is grossly understaffed and where patients deaths are being investigated. So individuals with Mental illness living in Mental Hospitals are now supposedly communal. With such prejudice and misinformation it’s not surprising that most of the visits to psychiatrists are done surreptitiously in the evenings and nights in Kerala or not given any medical attention.

  2. Your comment has no relation to the write up. This is a blog for discussing issues related to Nairs and not Thiruvananthapuram Mental Hospital unless it has something to do with condition of Nairs. So I expect the next time you comment you would write on the issue discussed by the post.