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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Vellappally reiterates Nair-Ezhava unity

Absence of Nair-Ezhava unity in Kerala had resulted in heavy loss to Kerala’s Hindus, SNDP Yogam general secretary Vellappally Natesan has said. Reiterating Nair-Ezhava unity at a press conference at Kozhikkode on January 9, 2013, Vellappally said SNDP is committed to preserve the unity.

Vellappally said Hindu unity was SNDP’s agenda from the very beginning. Kerala should not face a situation when hosts oust guests from home and gain the control of home, he said. Currently Kerala’s wealth and power is concentrated among certain groups, said SNDP leader. Though he did not name who is host and who is guest it is obvious.

While voting Kerala’s majority community (Hindus) voted by their blind political affiliations rather than considering social realities in Kerala, he said. Had Hindus voted taking into consideration social realities of Kerala, the state would not have landed in present condition, added Vellappally. 

Commenting on government's attitude to demands of Hindus he said "When NSS and SNDP raises demands government will agree but when it comes to implementation, authorities will point out technical difficulties to deny demands,". Nair Service Society general secretary had also expressed similar views recently
Vellappally said guests should remain in Kerala as guests and hosts as hosts and both should live peacefully and equality should prevail. 

Vellappally's words prove that Nair-Ezhava unity is here to stay and Nairs and Ezhavas in Kerala have realised that they have to unite if Hindus are to exist in Kerala. Nair-Ezhava unity has become the key change in social sector in Kerala in the 21st century. Vellappally said Christian groups have also expressed support to Nair-Ezhava unity giving a hint at the evolving social situation in Kerala. This is certainly going to have an impact on social and politcal conditions in Kerala in coming days.

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